Outsourced prayer line

The other day, my cousin called up mom to give her a list of things that need to happen and my mom was to pray for her. I immediately had this vision of an outsourced prayer line, where you call in and give your list of things to pray for and someone is doing the praying on your behalf !! It’s fascinating, as to what lengths we are ready to go to avoid taking responsibility for anything in our lives … Asking your close friends, relatives, mom, dad, sis, bro to pray along with you for what you want is absolutely fine and the right thing to do, but outsourcing an activity like praying seems silly. Am sure my mom is not the only outsourced prayer line and that there already must be many actual prayer lines that do this for a living.

It’s just like the professional “crier” or “bereaver”, made famous by Dimple Kapadia in the movie “Rudaali”. Her profession in the movie is to visit homes where there is a bereavement and loudly cry… So it looks as though the person was well loved. We have outsourced everything – food comes pre-cooked, juices come out of a pack, babies from wombs on rent, professional criers to cry on your behalf, clothes washed by a machine, ironed by another human being…. Now if only we could outsource exercising, passing motion, peeing, dying and living ? That’s the end point – we are ready to outsource living because it’s too difficult :):)

The grave is nice and comfy – that’s the outsourced living !

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