Corporate Seasons

In corporate life, just as in your personal life, timing is everything … When you say something, when you do something, when you are aggressive, when you are assertive and when do you showcase an idea !! Most of us do not recognise the right moment and many of us don’t wait for it – we are either too deep into the “fire” of everyday deliverables or we don’t have the patience.

The corporate world mirrors nature – there are seasons, just like in nature. When it is summer, find things that cool you, your boss and your team. Summer is also the season when you make hay since the Sun shines. So bring forth all your ideas, implement them, see them bring you accolades. This is the corporate summer. Wear cottons, natural and cool, absorbs all the moisture and keeps you cool.

The corporate rains can be either kind – the good steady downpour which helps grow new plants or the thunder showers and stormy rains, that destroy crops and damage structures !! Watch the clouds and let your actions flow accordingly.

The corporate winter is very harsh… It is the time to wear layers of warm clothes, find a small cozy warm fire burning and wrap your palms around that to stay protected. This is the season to introspect. Do not start anything new for nothing will grow, frost will bite 🙂 you can actually feel the chill in the air. Wait for the Sun to come out.

The corporate spring is just as pretty, flowers everywhere – things have just started and everyone is on best behaviour but it doesn’t last too long. Also there isn’t much depth to this period. People will feel good not knowing why !

The corporate autumn is severe at times, it’s not always the old that makes way for the new but it could be the very new making way for the old to continue. This season can be traumatic, if not understood or if the wrong choices are made.

What most of us don’t realise is – seasons change, bosses change, co-workers change, teams change, we change too !! Learn to enjoy the changing corporate seasons, just as you enjoy nature’s changing colors. No stress, this too shall change.

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