Osho on Sushupti and Jagriti

Today’s morning walk was extra special because Osho’s discourse today touched upon the “Big Bang” and how its connected to human consciousness. When Osho speaks in Hindi or Sanskrit, the already beautiful words become magical. Today he spoke on Sushupti (deep sleep) and Jagriti (Awareness). This is discourse number 5 Volume 3, of the series titled Discipline of Transcendence.

For a full transcript of the discourse, please use this link – Become a Driftwood.

Here are the excerpts that I want to share today –

“…According to Buddha’s approach, in the beginningless beginning of existence there was absolute sleep; existence was fast asleep, snoring, what Hindus call SUSHUPTI, a state of dreamless sleep. The whole existence was asleep in SUSHUPTI. Nothing was moving, everything was at rest – so tremendously, so utterly at rest, you can say it was not existing at all.

When you move into SUSHUPTI every night, when dreams stop, you again move into that primordial nothingness. And if in the night there are not a few moments of that primordial nothingness, you don’t feel rejuvenated, you don’t feel revitalized. If the whole night you dream, and turn and toss in the bed, in the morning you are more tired than you were when you went to bed. You could not dissolve, you could not lose yourself.

If you have been in SUSHUPTI, in a dreamless state, that means you moved into that beginningless beginning again. From there is energy. From there you come rested, vitalized, new. Again full of juice, full of life and zest. That, Buddha says, was the beginning; but he calls it the beginningless beginning. It was like SUSHUPTI, it was tremendously unconscious; there was no consciousness in it.

It was just like samadhi, with only one difference: in samadhi one is fully awake.

In that SUSHUPTI, in that dreamless deep sleep, there was no consciousness, not even a single flame of consciousness – a dark night. It is also a state of SATCHITANAND, but the state is unconscious.”

“….. The first nothingness was unconscious; this second nothingness is conscious. The first was like darkness; the second is like light. The first was like night; the second is like day. The first we called SUSHUPTI; the second we will call JAGRITI – awareness, fully awake.”

Big Bang and Sat-Chit-Ananda

“……What the scientists call ‘the big bang’ I call ‘cosmic orgasm’. And that seems to me more meaningful. ‘Big bang’ looks a little ugly, too technological, inhuman.

‘Cosmic orgasm’ – the cosmos exploded into orgasm. Millions of forms were born out of it. And it was a tremendously blissful experience, so let us call it ‘cosmic orgasm’.

In that orgasm three things developed. First, the universe; what we in the East call SAT. Out of the universe developed life; what we call ANANDA. And out of life developed mind, what we call CHIT. Sat means being; ANANDA means celebrating the being – when a tree comes to bloom, it is celebrating its being.

And CHIT means consciousness – when you have become conscious about your bliss, about your celebration. These three states: SATCHITANANDA.”

Osho’s whole effort seems to be in moving us from the state of Sushupti to Jagriti, from being unconscious and fast asleep to being awake and aware.

Thank You Master !

Sushupti - Osho

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  1. Thank you for the lesson. It seems a balance between sleeping and wakefulness is necessary for health and peace of mind. The body needs the refreshment of total immersion into unconsciousness from time to time.

    The notion of a “cosmic orgasm” is an appealing concept, with its release of pent-up energy, but afterwards, most creatures I know of like to rest.


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