Om Shanti Abe San 🙏🏿

It was with total shock that we watched the news item about former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe being shot at a public function. How can this happen in Japan? Yeah they do have an imperial past and all the books that I have read speak of how terribly they treated Manchuria and Korea when they occupied these countries.

Ever since WWII, Japan has been a shining example of stability and economic revival from the horrific atomic bomb explosions. We heard of the gang wars, the samurai traditions along with the rules based Japanese society. When the Kobe earthquake hit, we saw how stoic the people were …. nothing was stolen, no one broke the queue and everyone just waited for their turn to get aid.

There are darker sides to the Japanese culture, but the positives outweigh those. India has traditionally been close to Japan and vice versa. With Buddhism and its offshoot Zen, India and Japan are spiritually linked. Then India’s brave son and freedom fighter Subhas Chandra Bose was helped by the Japanese several times during his struggle…. and his ashes (supposedly) are still preserved at the Renkoji temple.

One never thought any political leader would get assassinated in Japan and least of all, a much loved ex-PM :(.

PM Modi was clearly distraught… he tweeted about his special connect with Abe San. He even wrote a heartfelt blog – My Friend, Abe San. Their very special bond is clearly visible.

Abe San and PM Modi

The Dark Side of World Politics

Who would have wanted Abe San out of the way ? He had already stepped down from the Prime Ministership !

Mr. Shinzo Abe seems to have been a very outspoken and visionary leader… the QUAD was his brainchild. I was reading somewhere that he was wanting to rewrite the Japanese constitution because it was largely written by the US Generals post WWII. Also he wanted to make Japan a nuclear weapons nation which bothered China.

The removal of PM Boris Johnson, another friend of India in the UK seems to coincide with Mr. Abe being assassinated. Not sure if some global old boys network is pushing the dominos in a certain order :(.

It just seems strange that someone shoots an ex-PM for no rhyme or reason ! There is a remote possibility that there was some personal animosity. BUT, the preparation and a shotgun disguised as a camera points, to the involvement of other forces.

Hopefully we get to hear the facts … but Abe San is gone forever.

Heartfelt condolences to Abe San’s family. The ex-PM of Japan was a dear friend of PM Modi and consequently India. May his soul find Sadgati. Don’t know why it feels like a personal loss even though we don’t know Mr. Abe. 🙏🏿

Condolences to PM Modi on losing a dear friend. It must be so difficult for you to bear, Modi Ji.

Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Om Shanti.

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