Nun … the less

She had found her purpose in life and was happily pursuing it till the fateful night of May 15, 2014. Someone violated her in the most heinous manner, someone raped her. This someone was not unknown to her. He was there to attend a function the next day organised by her. He was a powerful man in her organization. Her story of horror had just begun. Over the next two years he allegedly sexually abused her repeatedly. She didn’t have the courage to report it and just bore the shame and horror visited upon her.

Then she gathered courage and a couple of years later in June 2018 she filed a complaint. The police officers did a preliminary investigation and created a case. Over the next few months, she was emotionally traumatised by the organization she and her alleged rapist belonged to, her case became a media circus, she was called a prostitute by a politician, her superiors refused to stand by her and the might of the organization was deployed against her. The powerful man apparently tried to bribe her and used every method of coercion to make her withdraw her case. She withstood the onslaught.

A few sisters joined her in her crusade for justice, then few more voices joined in and some folks within the organization took her side and the powerful man stepped down. Then he was arrested on Sept 21, 2018 on the basis of questionable evidence he produced during the three days of questioning. He walked out on bail on Oct 15th … just three weeks after being arrested. He gets a hero’s welcome while one of the sisters who supported the survivor was thrown out of the organization. Then today, just a week after this powerful man gets out on bail, an important witness who spoke up in support of the survivor was found dead in his room.

This is the story of a #MeToo victim as she awaits justice.

I am not connecting the dots but the God that the victim and the rapist pray to, has shot an arrow that draws a thick line pointing towards this man. Justice shall be done in this world or in another, of that am sure, but hoping to see this Bible Psalm 94:15 come true, “For justice will prevail and all the morally upright will be vindicated.”


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