The Predators Who Got Away !

Predator Bishop ?

In 2018 a Nun complained about a powerful Bishop. She alleged that he had raped her multiple times since 2014 and she didn’t have the courage to file a complaint against him. I had written about it – Nun … the less. There is a Bible Psalm 94:15, “For justice will prevail and all the morally upright will be vindicated.”

Well, the recent update on this –

Predators - Mulakkal

Yes, its not a typo but a real happening – Bishop Franco Mulakkal has been acquitted 😡. He is amongst the most recent of sexual predators to get away scot free.

Do read the sickening timeline of this case – Accused hailed and acquitted, victim shamed by Court and Church: A timeline of the Bishop Franco Mulakkal case. The victim is shamed, her supporter Sister Lucy is stopped from performing her duties in 2018 and then expelled from her congregation in 2019. Father Kuriakose, another supporter dies !! Police officers investigating the case are transferred.

In 2020, another Nun accuses Mulakkal of rape and sexual harassment. Well, the Syro-Malabar Church in Kerala, posts Mulakkal’s picture in the 2021 calendar 🤬. Did they know that he was innocent or was it “ok” to be a sexual predator?

The icing on the proverbial Mulakkal cake, err case, came on Jan 14, 2022 when he was acquitted and the rape victim was denounced and shamed. Justice indeed.

Predator Nobel Laureate ?

The dead R K Pachauri is one of the famous predators who got away scot free !!! Do read a blog of mine that I had written in 2015 – Sexual harassment – the many who escape …. Pachauri ?

On Feb 13, 2020, this Nobel laureate breathed his last. I want the reader of this blog to read this news article from India Today – Former Teri chief RK Pachauri passes away at 79 in Delhi. Did you notice what I noticed ? The sexual harassment complaint became “molestation”, a very different thing !!! There is a link in that article asking people to post their tributes for Pachauri … wonder what the victims of his leery advances would want to write.

I don’t post any pics of Pachauri on my blog because his face sickens me.

I also don’t “like” or get inspired by Ms. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw. She took the easy way out by resigning from the board of TERI, when these sexual harassment complaints surfaced. Being a powerful woman, I expected her to insist on an impartial investigation into the complaint. But she escaped and in the process allowed this predator to escape too !

Fervently wishing that Nobel laureates, when found to be predators or human rights violators (like Churchill), they are stripped of the award and publicly denounced. Otherwise its like tyrants and marauders like Aurangzeb and Khilji getting a humanitarian makeover posthumously 🙄.

Predatory Basket Ball Star ?

Exactly two years back on Jan 27, 2020 the basket ball star Kobe Bryant and his young 13 year old daughter died tragically in a helicopter crash. Millions of his fans were heartbroken and many who didn’t even know him, felt bad for a life cut short.

Unfortunately, there was another young lady somewhere who was a one time fan but might have been heartbroken because Kobe Bryant got away easy by dying in a helicopter crash :(. Do read Kobe Bryant and Complicated Legacies. That young lady was not just raped but was subjected to slander using Bryant’s celebrity status, money and power.

Does this remind you of another young beautiful lady ? The price a woman pays … and the most famous sexual predator lives a full life even now with his family by his side, millions in the bank and “respect” in the outside world. Will there ever be a man who would have the gumption to man up to his wrong doing ???

Predators Getting Away

Sexual predators get away because the victim feels ashamed and the “system” is heavily skewed against the victims who are often less powerful and many are women. There are women who are predators too but the numbers are small for now. The only solution is for the system to be supportive of the victims.

Post Nirbhaya, the PoSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) act is a great step in prevention and redressal of Sexual harassment complaints at the workplace for women. We need a gender neutral act/policy very soon because LGBTQ being harassed is just as unacceptable as women being harassed !

We need swift delivery of justice and a punishment so severe that predators must stop in their tracks. Am fully aware of the pendulum swinging towards the other end in urban India – young ladies demanding outrageous stuff to get married 😔 and fake complaints that have landed good men in jail.

Predators must not get away, fake complainants are also predators who shouldn’t get away.

4 thoughts on “The Predators Who Got Away !”

  1. Very true Bindu… I think the best and most effective way to deal with this would be for all of us to rise above the shame attaches to the victim… And reverse that narrative….
    As always well rendered…

  2. People have such short memories too. While it was utterly tragic that Kobe Bryant and his very young daughter perished in the accident, people forgot Kobe was not a saint. They idolized him in death, more than he deserved. A brief farewell would have sufficed. Even today people remember his death as the passing away of an icon, but conveniently forget he was a sexual predator.

    As for the Mughals, recently someone told me that we shouldn’t connect past atrocities to current ones !! I was appalled. I had to remind that individual that our current social, political and economic structures are a consequence of past atrocities and injustices. If we have to rewrite history in order to put us back on the path to glory, we must do it. No matter how inconvenient it is for certain parts of society..


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