New year – today

For Krishnan the New year started today morning when the current issue of HBR downloaded finally 🙂

In my marriage the only thing am scared of is Harvard Business Review. Krishnan loves that magazine and we get a print copy and an electronic copy on Kindle. Krishnan follows up with the vendor who delivers the print copy – so much so, that they are on first name basis now. For the past one week, he has been driving me up the wall, because Kindle did not show the latest issue of HBR. He made me check the subscription, wanted me to call Amazon to check and he kept checking Kindle as though miraculously the copy would appear 🙂

Finally yesterday the Kindle edition showed up, but my sweetheart couldn’t download it !! The internet was too slow, so we had several tries and then reluctantly gave up. Finally today morning the issue was downloaded to the Kindle and 2013 may now proceed !

I actually have a witness every time I borrow or return any of his print copies of HBR and I will be reminded every day that I have one of his print copy of HBR till I return it to him ….

Is there a HBR fan club somewhere ? Please let me know, they don’t know they have a president for life in Krishnan :):):):)

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