Invited to hell

Death claimed you
The instant the butcher used
A steel rod
A steel rod !
Against tender human flesh
Whose only crime was
To fight against animals
That attacked her and her friend
Death was so shocked
And pained by the barbarity
That he claimed them too
The animals,
Just delayed it long enough
So the rest of the animals
Can learn and hide….
Death was also moved
By your spirit
So he let you live thirteen days
To herald a better 2013
To move an entire nation
And he now awaits
The animals souls
To carry them to that vacuum
Of no return
They will rot and plead for release
But many steel rods will hold them back
It’s hell, the same hell
They tried bringing to you 🙁
Death is fair and
Death is release
From pain for you
Into pain for them !

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