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As I have mentioned in several blogposts, Amma and I don’t have a sweet tooth. We can go without anything sweet for months. We have also consciously stopped eating any sweet made of white sugar and I don’t stock white sugar at home at all. Krishnan does like sweets but doesn’t eat much in order to keep his sugar levels in check.

I do have a few favourites that I like to eat once in a while – Jalebi, Kaacha Gola and Adhirasam. I don’t know making any of these so its easier not to eat them 😁. For instance, Adhirasam has to be the way my paternal grandmother would make it. I haven’t eaten a single piece of Adhirasam for nearly 25 years now !!! Have tasted a few but every one of them falls short.

The first time I ate Kaacha Gola was around 9.30 am as I was completing my night shift at Spectramind. One of my friends who worked in the finance team had just landed from Kolkata and brought a whole box of Kaacha gola. They were so tasty that I simply got hooked. Had never eaten them before.

Every time anyone would get promoted I would ask them to bring Kaacha Gola as a treat. One of my ex-colleagues and a very dear friend now, went all the way to Chandni Chowk to buy them as a treat when he got promoted 🙄.

A couple of months back, we tried New Annapurna Sweets for the first time. Just ordered a few pieces of Kaacha Gola and a small quantity of Mishti Doi. They were simply outstanding ! Especially the Kaacha Gola was totally fresh as it should be. Next time we ordered the Gur Sandesh (Sandesh made of Jaggery). Again it was outstanding.

Yesterday when our dear friends came over to inaugurate the newly modified Kitchen, I ordered again from New Annapurna sweets. Shamelessly ate up the Kaacha Gola but shared the Gur Sandesh and Mishti Doi. Didn’t eat even a single piece/spoon of it :):).

Would highly recommend this store if you like Bengali sweets. They are at the DLF Shopping mall on Arjun Marg, DLF Phase 1. Right at the back. You can call them at +91 74283 86004. They deliver by themselves and not through Zomato or Swiggy.

Kaacha Gola - Annapurna Sweets
Kaacha Gola from New Annapurna Sweets

Note : Indulge sparingly please !! White sugar is not health food, so go easy with it. The best way is to buy small quantities and only when you have guests. That way you get a smaller share.


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