Learning from Masterchef Australia

Krishnan and I are huge fans of Masterchef Australia. I got into the OTT world last year only and ONLY to watch Masterchef Australia as it was happening. Watched it this year too … meant to write blogs on it but never got around to it. I still can write them as the Indian telecast would have started around now.

A few things that we notice every year –

  1. The huge focus on animal protein …contestants are unable to think of dishes without animal protein or seafood. varieties of beef, poultry and several other kinds of meat sometimes turns us off as we are vegetarians.
  2. Australia seems big on Indian food !! Though its strange to see folks fondly recalling their Vietnamese, Chinese, Sri Lankan and Thai food without giving any credit to their Indian roots. What even more irritating is Indian food gets renamed while the other foods are called by their native names 🙄.
  3. I would like to debate about French food being gourmet, why I would like to debate the whole “gourmet” food concept. Health doesn’t seem to play into this at all. You can’t eat desserts, heavy meat based meals every single day and expect to stay healthy.
  4. There is no understanding of how our bodies absorb, assimilate and excrete during a day (24 hours). Eating at the wrong time and eating the wrong stuff doesn’t lead to health ! No one (even the participants of Indian origin) talk of the Ayurvedic Clock which clearly shows the timings when food should be consumed.
  5. All complexity seems to be about desserts more often than not. Multi-layered cakes, different kinds of soufflés, choux buns, etc. There was one episode last year when the pressure test was to make the “Khandvi”.. (sheet pasta made with chickpea flour that has no gluten). Everyone struggled. Just walk into a Gujju’s house and they will make it while chatting with you.
  6. The stunning locales in Australia. The country is so beautiful and scenic. Just love watching the program when the participants cook outside the Masterchef Kitchen.

Some learnings

  1. I love the fact that Masterchef Australia uses steel extensively !! Just love the pots and pans used in the program. Unlike other Masterchef programs, there is limited use of non-stick, teflon coated products for cooking. Hope they completely do away with the non-stick stuff.
  2. Food presentation – truly outstanding. You eat with your eyes before the food reaches your mouth.
  3. The appliances and tools are mind blowing. I keep looking at some of the appliances and think of getting something or the other every season.
  4. Cutting vegetables – Every time I pick up some method. In the 2022 season, I noticed one of the participants cut the corn kernels using a knife rather than plucking them one by one :). Applied this learning two days back.

Shelling Corn 🙂

I cut the corn kernels rather than plucking them one by one.. it felt like shelling peanuts, hence the name shelling corn. It was done really quickly, so that’s a huge advantage.

Masterchef - Corn

Do watch this program … there is always something to learn.

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  1. I love this program too!! Have followed all the seasons. I miss the old judges though. Of all the versions the Australian one is the best. The judges are polite & sweet. The USA version, I found the judges as well as the participants very crude.


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