National integration massage

It’s not a spelling mistake, it was a national integration message in a massage !!

Today a Tamilian family started from Bengaluru, in a German car with Haryana registration and met with dear friends after six months, the wife a Rajasthani and the husband a Haryanvi in a Japanese car and got stuck in an early morning jam with people from many different states. Drove along a silken smooth highway, stopped along the way to eat Idlis and chutney and banana chips 🙂 and listened to songs on a Bose system and from an iPad. All along we met biker gangs on their Bullets flying the tricolour, celebrating our Independence Day.

Reached the town of Hospet which is very close to the world heritage ruins of Hampi. In the evening, I went for an ayurvedic massage. And the spa was run by a young lady from Arunachal Pradesh and the young lady who gave me an awesome massage was from Manipur. We got talking of Shillong and she has stayed at Happy Valley where I went to school. And even more interestingly she got trained as a masseur in Punjab and while the massage was great, it certainly wasn’t the “Abhyanga” Kerala massage that I had signed up for 🙂 and I almost felt the oil smelt of kerosene but then realised it was probably coming from the room or the towel.

Our dear politicians can keep calling each other names and talk all they want about national integration, and continue breaking up states – but as long as we are free to move all the way from Manipur to Punjab to Hampi and make a living, we are united and integrated. There are bigger questions to solve, but for today, just this thought warms my heart.

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