A broken promise :)

Everyday as I start the car to get to office, I promise myself that I won’t swear today and everyday I break that promise 🙂 somedays I swear less, somedays I feel like rinsing my mouth out for the kind of language I end up using.

Here’s an example – last evening while returning home, at a busy traffic junction, I kept waiting for my turn to take the turn. The traffic lights were not working and everyone kept going every which way. After staying in place, waiting patiently for 5 minutes I inched forward a little and a person on a scooter yelled at me saying, can’t I wait !!! Good behavior rewarded with bad behavior, and yes I did tell him to behave himself.

I don’t know how to inform all the scooter and bike riders in Bangalore to not turn on the inside curve of a car/jeep…. I actually drive at a snail’s speed but am really scared that some kid on a scooter will turn and will be positioned in my blind spot and there might be an accident. I truly feel like walloping a few of them, in the hope that they will learn to drive correctly.

Also what is Karnataka’s fetish for speed breakers (bumps) ?? In the three weeks that we were away, the connecting road to Nandi Durga road got 5 new speed bumps … This topic pains me because of the number of speed bumps on the way to Coorg. Is there more money to be made in building speed bumps ? I don’t think a single life has been saved due to these. Just cars getting hit on the bottom or worse breaking down since the bump is badly built.

I have no energy to even go to the topic of men and women drivers. Exhausted.

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