Nan Khatai in the Air Oven

A few days back I discovered the following Nan Khatai recipe posted in the FB group – “Indian Airfryer Recipes”. Every time we go to Chandni Chowk, I will buy some Nan Khatai from the pushcart vendors. Now I could make it at home without the sugar and the Maida !

Nan Khatai

I made the Nan Khatai by replacing the following –

All purpose flour with 50% peanut and almond flour; 50% Oats flour. Powdered Palm Jaggery (Karupetti) instead of powdered sugar.

The Nan Khatai’s turned out absolutely yum ! I plan to make these as a substitute for store bought biscuits and cookies.

Nan Khatai
Homemade Oats Nan Khatai

Interestingly, as I am learning to bake, I realise that the store bought bakery stuff has a ton of sugar and Maida. They do taste good, but our health suffers in the process.

Always read the labels on store bought Whole Wheat bread… most of the time, its 50 to 60% of Maida and the balance is Whole Wheat. Very few bread makers use jaggery instead of sugar. For those who love their bread, its best to make it at home. Read about Homemade Bread.

Am using the Pandemic situation to learn baking and its very enjoyable. What are you learning ?

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