N.T. Rama Rao – the original Rama and Krishna


As we all watch the re-runs of Ramayana and Mahabharata, I was reminded of the late CM of combined Andhra Pradesh and yesteryear actor Shri. N.T. Rama Rao. He acted in several movies based on these two epics and was always featured as either Sri Rama or Sri Krishna depending on which epic the movie was based on.

For anyone who has seen NTR portraying the role of Rama or Krishna – there can never be anyone else who can fit those roles. Even if the real Rama or Krishna were to give “darshan” I would want them to come looking like NTR portrayed them on screen :):). Don’t believe me ?

Look at the pictures below – NTR as Sri Rama and as Sri Krishna … now tell me, is there any other face that would fit the role?

NTR as Sri Rama. Taken from the internet.
NTR as Sri Krishna. Taken from the internet.

3 thoughts on “N.T. Rama Rao – the original Rama and Krishna”

  1. I am sure fan of a Telugu movie old Mayabazar … and NTR as Sri Krishna is a treat a treasure … I agree, the make up the acting and of course he sure was a blessed soul to fit God in a perfect way 👍


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