My concert saris – 1 :)

For the past week, we have been attending music concerts at Chennai as part of the Chennai December music season. I had brought with me some of my favourite saris to wear at these concerts and got kudos for one sari from a complete stranger yesterday :), so am on a high.

I have also been enjoying the saris other women have been wearing to these concerts – a total visual treat. I wonder why any woman would want to wear anything but the sari, for just the variety. You have so many different fabrics, so many different designs and such a range of colors … ok, am a sari addict, a sari lover so I will say it this way :):). But really, young women of today should also learn how to wear a sari and use it regularly, just for the sheer joy of it.



Kadri - Sari

This is the sari that I wore to Kadri Gopalnath’s concert on Dec 21st. This is a more recent sari and I bought it this year from my favourite Kumaran Stores in Chennai. I wore it first for Diwali this year and Rajesh commented that it looked like a bedsheet …. well, thank God he is not the last word on saris :):):). Its a beautiful blue kanchi silk and its the current trend of half-half sarees – with the pleats and pallu being pink checks while the rest of the sari is bright blue.

sanjay subramnayam - sari sanjay subramnayam - sari 2


This sari is very special as I wore it for the first time in March this year to celebrate our 25th “meeting” anniversary. This is a Kanchi silk sari but a very different non-traditional design. Beautiful multicoloured vertical lines which are of differing thickness. I wore this sari to Sanjay Subramanyam’s concert on Dec 24th. I had also worn this to the ISB leadership summit panel discussion and Rajini loved it. BTW I tried wearing this without using any safety pins … just the pallu is difficult to manage as you drive and do some work, the rest is fine. The pleats stay in place. My mother just tucks in the pallu, but I don’t enjoy doing that, so I have to maybe use a pin for just holding up the pallu.


sari - nithyasree 1

sari - nithyasree 2


sari - nithyasree 3

I wore this Benarasi saree for Nithyasree’s concert on Dec 25th. We bought this sari at Valkalam sarees at Benaras and its a huge favourite of mine. I have worn it several times before. The most special occasion I wore it to was for Vidya’s wedding in Nov 2011. The third picture with Krishnan is from the wedding. :). If I look older, in just four years, its because I have stopped colouring my hair !! The neck piece that I am wearing has been modified by Nisha (Adorjo) and I have worn it with a different sari in one of the pictures above. (Sanjay Subramanyam’s concert).


sari - rajeshvaidya concert

This is the sari I wore to Rajesh Vaidya’s concert yesterday, Dec 26, 2015. Since the Sri YGP auditorium is part of the Padma Seshadri school, school children were leaving as we entered the auditorium. One of the teachers walked upto me and said the sari was really beautiful :):). I was thrilled, This sari was bought at Prasiddhi silks at M G Road, Bangalore and I had worn it first on Diwali, in the year 2013. We infact went to Manish and Swati’s house to celebrate.

There are three other sarees that I have worn to different concerts, but will post those separately as I didn’t take pictures with them yet.

Photo and sari selection credits to Krishnan !!

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