Morally disabled nation

I had to look up the meaning of two words – barbaric and civilised.

1. brutal, fierce, cruel, savage, crude, vicious, ruthless, coarse, vulgar, heartless, inhuman, merciless, bloodthirsty, remorseless, barbarous, pitiless, uncouth a particularly barbaric act of violence
2. uncivilized, wild, savage, primitive, rude, barbarian, barbarous a prehistoric and barbaric world
uncivilized cultured,

1. cultured, educated, sophisticated, enlightened, humane All truly civilized countries must deplore torture.
2. polite, mannerly, tolerant, gracious, courteous, affable, well-behaved, well-mannered Our divorce was conducted in a very civilized manner.

Today on all television channels they showed how the Sri Lankan army killed Prabhakaran’s 12 year old son. Stripped him to his waist and pumped 5 bullets into him at point blank range…. A mere 12 year old boy, paying for his father’s sins, but what of the army men who killed him in this manner ? Civilised, right ? Since we supposedly live in a civilised world. The full video of the Sri Lankan army’s atrocities was shown about 6 months back on Headlines Today and Krishnan and I could not watch it – 80 year old women being raped, there is no Tamil girl who has attained puberty, who is not pregnant in that area of Sri Lanka… We are supposedly living in a civilised world still.

I am not supporting LTTE, but because LTTE was what it was it does not give anyone the right to rape young girls and 80 year old women – that is barbaric, savage, crude, vicious, ruthless, coarse, vulgar, heartless, inhuman…

And I am truly disturbed by the spineless way our government deals with this issue, not because I am a Tamilian, but because I am a human being. We hide behind our scriptures, not one of which says that we not fight wrong doing … Standing around is being party to the crime being conducted. We are even scared to take a stand. We stood around watching in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Burma, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka and we will just keep standing around.

We need to find our broken spine and put it back together before we get bent over, becoming a permanently morally disabled nation 🙁

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