A full circle

Life does come a full circle !! Twenty two years back on this day two people met and fell in love … It was a one week management program and as part of a workout, they were made President and Secretary for a sub team.

Today in the morning, it was a moment of Deja Vu as the same two people signed as President and Secretary for their life’s project ShikshaDaan to open a bank account. Life coming a full circle 🙂

Krishnan and I were these two people and ShikshaDaan is a fitting trust for us to be President and Secretary, our whole life has been about learning … It started with the first training program that we attended together and in what Krishnan said to me as he proposed to me – together we should help each other become better. What an amazingly simple thing to say, but it has defined the way our relationship has been.

We love each other, we love being with each other, we love spending every minute together – there is not a minute that we want to spend away from each other – as Krishnan says, one soul split into two bodies.

Here’s to the day we met in this lifetime !! And special thanks for making our life as colourful and beautiful as these flowers 🙂


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