Man Proposes God Disposes

Osho would always say that this proverb was not true at all – why should God dispose off your simple wants was his point. He said jokingly that man asks for a bigger house, a better car and a fat bank balance, things that are not difficult for God to grant. If only man asked for nirvana, God would need to think :):).

We found a new meaning for this proverb today !

Our plan (Man Proposes) originally was to reach Hosur or Bangalore from Trichy tonight. We planned to halt for the night and then leave for Coorg in the morning tomorrow. Just 3 days back, Krishnan found out on Team BHP that the route from Coimbatore was scenic and also quicker to reach Coorg. The taxi driver who took us to Kumbakonam also confirmed the same. So we instantly changed our plans to come to our current favourite city Coimbatore.

On Dec 23rd it was Hanumath Jayanti and we went along with Rohini to the Ashtamsa Varada Anjaneyar temple. Narayana Bhattar had asked us to attend the celebration and obviously Hanuman made it possible for us to have his darshan that day. While waiting for the taxi I happened to look across the road and saw the Zibe by GRT hotel right across the road from the temple.

Three days back when we decided to halt for the night in Coimbatore I told Krishnan about this hotel and to our surprise it was available. We booked a room and landed up here in the evening around 4 pm today.

With all the travelling in Trichy Amma had a sore throat, so we went and got her checked by a general physician. He said her sore throat is due to an allergy !! We got back to the hotel and walked across to have Anjaneyar’s darshan….. How regal he looks, in his Golden alankaram.

Man Hanuman
All dressed up in Gold.. Thanga Kaapu Alankaram

The twinkling eyes, that sharp intellect, unbelievable strength, deep compassion and above all, his devotion to Bhagwan Rama – Hanuman is the perfectly realised soul. He was, He is and He will be always around to take care of his devotees.

For my mother’s family and for us, Hanuman is a part of our family. He gets no special treatment, we tell him all the things that need to get done and sometimes get angry with him too. He is a brother, he is a son, he is a friend and ofcourse he is a God. Hanuman also gets his way with us !

Look at the way He disposed off our plan completely and we got to have His divya darshan as He sparkled in Golden alankaram. My brother, Narayana Bhattar is truly gifted like his father Rajamani Mama. Very few people can do the alankaram the way he does. So glad that Hanuman mischievously re-routed us.

Man Hanuman
Golden Ashtamsa Varada Anjaneyar, Peelamedu, Coimbatore

Blessed to have witnessed Ashtamsa Varada Anjaneyar in all his splendour on the last day of this year. Wishing everyone a wonderful 2023.

Jai Shri Ram. Jai Bajrang Bali.

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