Blessed Start to 2023

Since we were staying right across the Peelamedu Hanuman temple, we started 2023 with Anjaneyar’s darshan, early in the morning. What a blessed start !! Murali Bhattar had told us on the 31st that the alankaram (loose translation – decoration) on Jan 1 will be unique as it was done only once a year. Other alankarams were repeated a few times during the year.

Anjaneyar with Vajra Kavasam

Amma could not see Anjaneyar in his Golden alankaram on the 31st as she was a little under the weather. She was so happy to see him all decked up in his Vajra Kavasam.

Blessed 2023
Vajra Kavasam, Ashtamsa Varada Anjaneyar Kovil, Peelamedu, Coimbatore

Do read Man Proposes God Disposes to see pictures of Hanuman in his Golden alankaram. There is something truly magical about the Ashtamsa Varada Anjaneyar temple at Peelamedu, Coimbatore. Do visit whenever you find yourself in the city and ofcourse if you live in the city, do visit often.

Narayana Bhattar and Murali Bhattar are dedicated and utterly devoted to Hanuman. They are truly blessed to have the opportunity to serve him. I don’t think Narayana Bhattar takes any time off …. he is always serving Anjaneyar.

Not only did Hanuman give us his darshan, he also sent us on our trip with some awesome Pongal and Sambar as Prasadam. We could catch up with Narayana Bhattar for a few minutes while getting the Prasadam packed. He is Amma’s school friend and neighbour Seshi Mami’s son. The two families have known each other nearly their whole life ! So they are practically family for us.

Blessed 2023
Amma, Krishnan, Me and Narayana Bhattar, at the Thiruvadi of Anjaneyar 🙏🏿

Hindu festivals in 2023

Blessed 2023
2023 Calendar with Hindu festival dates

The ancient Hindu calendar is more accurate and we need to remember important festivals. The first important festival is Pongal (Jan 15) and Makar Sankranti (Jan 14). Do celebrate with family and friends. And do visit a nearby temple… it’s important for our cultural roots to be strengthened. If you have time to party, you certainly have time to visit a temple. The temple ecosystem is slowly dying out and with it goes a very important pillar of our ancient civilisation. Hopefully we can reverse the trend.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Gregorian New year. Do remember every day is the start of a new year and every culture has its own New Year. The world is beautiful because it’s diverse…. a monochrome world would be so boring :):).


2 thoughts on “Blessed Start to 2023”

  1. A very happy new year to you and family 🙏🙏
    “ If you have time to party, you certainly have time to visit a temple.” – so very true !!! I have nothing against partying and party-goers, but we all have a higher duty to protect our Dharma. That includes sustaining our temple ecosystems. Besides, what better way to usher in a brand new year than having darshan of Bhagawan 🙏. Thank you for sharing the pic of Hanuman-ji. I have saved it, so beautiful with thanga kavacham 🙏.

    • Absolutely – no harm in celebrating a western festival or partying but make time to celebrate your native festival too and make time to visit your temples too ! Personally we have also been neglecting our temples but trying to rectify that now.


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