Lunch tamasha

For the first time it was a sense of release from a jail when we exited from Kingdom of dreams culture gully !! We wanted some food packed and this amazing place does not pack anything… I didn’t invent the doggy pack, hotels did and rightfully so. So either you go to KOD with the appetite of a hungry Lion or just don’t bother. We got a lecture on how when the leftover food is packed, it MAY spoil and people blame the restaurant 🙂 we weren’t amused. The only good that came out of this tamasha was a nice necklace and warm socks for Amma.

The food at the Lucknow restaurant was great and the person serving was sensible and helped us order just enough. First attack on our senses was this huge crowd of school children, I couldn’t even hear my thoughts 🙁 and then the Lucknow restaurant was great. Then the amazing lecture a the Mumbai stall. Hmmm… Blow hot blow cold has a new example.

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