LOL – Its good for you !

LOL – Laughing out Loud or Laugh out Loud…. I saw this news item today and looked through my collection of political jokes. Sharing them here.

LOL - RaGa

As though the set of 23 rebels in the CONgress are some big thing :):):). And which enemy photographer chose to click that picture of RaGa ? Monalisa move over, here comes a better version. No one has been able to figure out and no one will figure out in the next 1000 years as to how he got that expression – is he sad? is he determined ? is he trying to laugh ? is he constipated ? is he having a stomach ache? What is that expression ?!


Really ?? Only Mr. Sibal can say that with a straight face ! Its a CONjoke :):)

The above news item is from last year Oct 26, 2019 …. Rahul was coming back stronger but Mommy dearest was still the CONleader. Mr. Antony spoke the truth, as the CONgress President offered to resign and was retained. And Rahul keeps coming back stronger. At this rate Hulk is worried :):)

LOL - CONfamily

I don’t know when Mr. Satish Acharya made this cartoon, and where I downloaded it from. This one picture says everything about the CONfamily politics. The relay race now has the nosewali-sister too. Mummy – Beta – NaakBeti – Mummy – Beta – NaakBeti – Mummy – Mummy – Mummy Hahahahaha.

I would give an arm and a leg to be that GRAND-daughter. Hope Mr. Naidu is hearing me … please adopt me Sir. I am ready to say “Modiji chor hai”. @25,000/- per scholarship we can give away 7600 scholarships through ShikshaDaan using that money. Deserving daughters can go on and make a grand life for themselves !


Hahahahahahahaha Can’t stop laughing at the jokers who don’t get the above joke ! Am ROFL and not just LOL.

Did RaGa read this Dilbert ??? Why do I have this nagging intuition that he did and that’s why he keeps coming back stronger even as CONgress is doomed.

LOL friends and sleep well. Tomorrow is another day and there will be more jokes coming our way. :):)

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