Lockdown Innovations #3

While “Jugaad” innovation may not be considered as an innovation because it does not get documented and doesn’t follow any guidelines to institutionalise it, but in the Indian context, it is very effective. Its low cost, locally relevant and a solution to the problem at hand.

The following innovation is a “jugaad” for social distancing that’s become a necessity due to the Corona Virus. A milkman has simply connected a PVC pipe with a funnel to the back of his milk scooter. The customer can stand at a distance and collect the milk without touching the milkman or his milk can.

A couple of years back I had clicked a picture of a similar milkman using a scooter in Dr. A.S. Rao Nagar, Hyderabad. It was fascinating to see how the milkman’s scooter was fully used while the other scooter is less utilised. A total coincidence that both the scooters are the same colour and make. Yet another “jugaad” innovation even during non-crisis times.

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