Remember the Dipper?

While cleaning a shelf I found a bag nicely wrapped up and pushed into a corner. I opened it and found a relic from the past – a dipper !! I am sure that Appa got this for us when we shifted to Delhi in 1997. He never got a geyser installed at home and always used a dipper. I stopped using it ever since we got geysers installed.

Dipper - made by Appa

Am sure many homes in India use the dipper still. The way to use it is quite simple. Use a small plank of wood across a bucket of water, hang the dipper from the hook and plug it in. The water heats up. Its essentially a geyser’s heating element out in the open :).

Amma can’t bring herself to use one of these. She is terribly scared of getting an electric shock. She even switches off the geyser before using the hot water. We have had to explain to her that modern geysers come with an auto cutoff and it takes lesser electricity when the geyser remains switched on.

The dipper is probably a “jugaad” innovation from dad’s generation. No wonder we keep the “jugaad” innovation going in many ways. We don’t get overly hassled when something doesn’t work the way its supposed to – we simply make it work any which way ! Another “jugaad” innovation that makes me smile every time is the use of washing machines to make lassi.

One of the innovations during the lockdown – Lockdown Innovations #3.

Absolutely love the Indian “jugaad” :):).

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