Leaving A Mark 😁

Do we Indians, love leaving a mark ? I couldn’t come up with any other explanation for stickers being stuck on steel utensils.

The sure shot way of knowing that you bought a steel utensil in India is when there is a sticker with the manufacturer’s name smack in the middle. It could also be the price tag. Mind you, the sticker will be sticky and it will always be on the side that you use, never the outer rim or the outer bottom.

Its ok to leave a mark, but this sticker business annoys me terribly. A beautiful new utensil and I can’t use it because its got this residue from the adhesive.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, Kousalya and I went shopping for steel utensils in Chennai during our recent visit there. I bought square plates, both dinner and snack plates. Every one of them had stickers on the side that you eat food in.

Sticker Mark

Three stickers !! Not one 🙂

I tried removing one of the stickers by soaking it in water. It ended up being a gooey mess and didn’t come out clean. Then I started my google research. Several articles said use a hair dryer or a candle to heat the spot. I first tried with a candle.. burnt a little of the sticker but it came off clean.

Then I had a brainwave (pun intended).. kept the plate on the induction stove and heated the spot where the sticker was using a wooden spatula. Eureka moment, when the stickers came off without leaving a mark ! Yayyy.

Sticker Mark

As soon as you heat it, the sticker comes up clean…

Sticker – Gone !

Am glad I stumbled upon this hack. The physics is simple – heat any adhesive and it will let go. Wish I had remembered my lesson. Also wish Indian stainless steel manufacturers leave a mark differently 🙂

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