Kamat Lokaruchi – Ramanagara

Krishnan worked out of Bangalore during 2007 to 2009. Nearly every weekend, we would drive down to Coorg and spend some time with my cousin’s family or my parents. On almost every trip, we would stop at Kamat Lokaruchi at Ramanagara. While we still cannot speak Kannada, we can order the items on the menu there easily !!!

It was and continues to be our favourite restaurant on the highway.

On Jan 2, we were making the trip from Hosur to Club Mahindra Virajpet and from the NECE road we got onto the new Mysore Expressway …. WOWWWWW is the only word and you shouldn’t close your mouth for a few minutes so that the Wow lingers in the air.

The Expressway is phenomenal because it doesn’t have a single speed breaker … there were 122 speed breakers from Bangalore to Virajpet earlier and the drive was certainly not pleasant.

Kamat Lokaruchi - Mysore Expressway
The stunning Mysore Expressway
Kamat Lokaruchi - Mysore Expressway

While we enjoyed the drive on the world class highway, we were concerned that we would miss our favourite haunt at Ramanagara. We put the location of Kamat Lokaruchi on another phone and tried to find an exit on the highway. We found a make shift exit about 15 kms before Kamat Lokaruchi.

It was the old highway and we reached our favourite restaurant to have our breakfast.

Kamat Lokaruchi

Predictable order – Kadubu idli and vada for Amma and Krishnan, and Ragi dosa for me. I also ordered my favourite Kesari Baath (Sooji Halwa) with pineapple in it – a Karnataka special.

Kesari Baath - Kamat Lokaruchi
Kesari Baath
Idli Vada - Kamat Lokaruchi
Kadubu Idli and Vadas

We then bought the famous Dharwad Peda and Kodubale from the shop inside the restaurant. I also bought a couple of sling bags from the jute bag store that is also inside the restaurant premises.

Sweet Shop - Kamat Lokaruchi
Sweet Shop inside the restaurant premises

After a restroom stop we went back the same way and rejoined the Mysore Expressway. On our way back from Coorg we realised that another Kamat Lokaruchi has been opened on the opposite side a little further from where we took the exit. Next time we don’t need to make the detour.

Kamat Lokaruchi serves truly outstanding food and their service is equally great. Do stop whenever you find this name on a signboard and enjoy the delicacies.

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