Just stay at home

Yes am really pissed off – in the IT capital city of this “great” country in the 21st century, on a Saturday morning, I cannot ride a bicycle at 10 am. We put our bikes on the cycle carrier and the plan was to drive out of the city and then ride in the wide road that connects Bangalore to Hyderabad. Completely our fault that we did that on the day the aero show is still on, our fault again that we started at 10 am, our fault that the bikes were on a carrier, our fault that inspite of putting out the signal that we are turning right NO ONE would give way, our fault that an AP state bus will cut into our lane and nearly cause a pile up, our fault that we chose to have the passion of cycling, our fault that we were born and definitely our fault that we chose to be born in this “great” country !!!

Hope the guy in the ambulance was heavily sedated or unconscious – because there was no hope that the ambulance will ever make it to any hospital and he/she would have just been suffering like my dad did from 11 am when he had he haemorrhage to 5 pm when he was finally attended to by a doc :(:( – no am not being callous, it felt terrible to hear the Ambulance honking away behind the sea of vehicles and not being able to do anything.

The only thing that you can have a passion for in this “great” city and this “great” country is to be a stay at home glutton – if you have any outdoor passion that you can’t take care of between 4 am to 6 am, you will just get frustrated like I am right now. Or be ready to inhale exhaust, to get nicked or run over by a car/bus/truck, to fall into a ditch, to topple over and break your bones over a “speed breaker” or to just have a moron walk in front of you with a phone stuck to his ear 🙁

Am choosing gluttony for today, hopefully the fire of my anger will burn the fat in the food and my body !!!

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