Highlights !

The day started with highlights… We did a 45 Km ride through beautiful roads, all the way to Nrityagram. For all the irritation yesterday with the traffic, this was a scenic ride. Beautiful Eucalyptus groves, teak groves and then huge banyan trees. And add awesome weather !



On the way back I got really tired and didn’t want to push myself to ride all the way, so we took two autos, loaded the bikes and got home. Still felt great to do a long ride after a long time.

The day started with highlights and ended with highlights in my hair … For a long time I have been wanting to get highlights in my hair, preferably pink, red, blue and green, but I refrained from it. Today I got just the staid darkish red highlights done. Love my new haircut too 🙂


Nice day 🙂

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