The day started with breakfast at Veena stores with my step-brother 🙂 now dont ask me how he can be my step brother even though he would like to have my mom as his mom ! we hogged as always and then went shopping for a backpack and a slim belt for the slim Kabir.

I packed and repacked till I managed to irritate Krishnan which was a good omen and as always it rained as I started from home, which was again a good omen, so the trip should be good.

At the airport, I had a colleague with me who was relocating to Singapore so as we approached the immigration counter at Bangalore he told me “you may have to wait for sometime as my immigration will take time” .. I said sure and that I would wait. I got to the immigration officer first and my colleague got to the other officer 5 minutes later and was out of immigration in less than 2 minutes :):) he had to wait for me for nearly 10 minutes because the immigration officer I had to pass through, had all the questions in the world – why was I going, which company do I work for, why is the Singapore visa stuck in the middle and why had I not fixed it correctly, where was I going after Singapore, why, and can I show him my entire ticket …. It almost felt as though by prolonging my discussion, he would in some way be able to travel instead of me !!

The sense of frustration was visible and it was a little sad 🙁 and yes the bad behavior at the boarding gate was as bad as ever – we don’t understand queues and following instructions in our own country is anathema for us as a race …. Ok won’t start with berating.

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