Adeeti @ 8

The Changi airport looked the same and it felt familiar after 7 years but it also felt small :):) because in the past seven years Delhi has got its own swanky new huge airport ! How perspectives change. Singapore was the first foreign soil that I had stepped on and it has been a lucky start because our travels after that took us to many different places.

I called up Adeeti as instructed from the free phone before immigration and was told I will be able to reach her place in 30 mins but it took me that much time to get to the taxi. It was pitch dark outside but not for a minute did any sense of discomfort creep up my mind, and that is special for an Indian woman !! The drive was just 25 mins and some were familiar sights and some new buildings had come up. The Singapore skyline is a tribute to man’s ingenuity and even if its a concrete jungle it is aesthetic and has to be classified under “beautiful” buildings.

Adeeti was up with the promised “adrak” chai and we launched into a marathon talking session. Abhineet tried intervening and Palash came by and then Adeeti turned the clock back and appeared as an eight year old and said her name now was “Parijat” :):) …. It is true that children extend their parents lives, through mannerisms, through looks and the same behaviours ! Parijat is a replica, so much so that when I called my mom over FaceTime and showed her Parijat, she says “oh Adeeti, kaisa hai” !! Because she has seen the eight year old Adeeti and anyway my mother has difficulty recognising 35+ years have passed since :):)

Had an amazing day inspite of the one sided cold that I have… nothing that shopping, sabudana khichadi and baingan bharta can’t solve.

I have Parijat’s room to sleep in and all her toys surround me .. Feeling nice and comfy. That’s the feeling of a long friendship !

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