I got called out !

For the first time today, my name was called out for boarding and I had the looks being given by the rest of the passengers !! I am returning from Chennai to Delhi and I went upstairs at the Chennai airport as they have seats there. Got talking with my colleagues who were travelling with me and by the time we got down to the boarding gate they were announcing our names 🙂

And the biggest surprise of all, this is Jet Airways – an airline am not fond of. Their staff has forgotten what Customer Service means and their aircrafts are not clean, they are mostly never on time… Overall their service sucks. So it was a surprise they were boarding on time and took off on time, hopefully will land on time.

Saw Khushboo at one of the ticket counters, not sure where she is going. She looks lovely. This year seems to be something about celebrities … Meeting them everywhere.

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