I blame my cycle but … It feels good !

It finally happened !! Ofcourse thanks to my dear Trek 4300 that has done 9600+ kms :):):)

Today we planned a farewell ride to the Rashtrapatni, by riding upto her official residence. We met up at our trusted TP1 and then the agony started for me 🙂 I am really good on climbs especially when Anant Khirbat is riding with us. We end up with a difference of one km in 100 meters and the distance is never made up till Anant stops somewhere. So today was no different, but for the past month and more I have been telling Krishnan that my cycle is tight – almost like the brake is touching the tyre. We even got Raju to check it out a week back and the front brakes were indeed touching the tyre. He said he fixed it, but I was still struggling.

Ofcourse Krishnan and I kept having our regular cycling arguments which start with a question from Krishnan “are you tired” when I ride slower than slow and then I start my tirade :). Today I managed to reach TP2 ready to start my series of fancy statements “I cannot ride, something is wrong with me, you go with the group, I can’t keep up, I will never lose weight, I dont want to ride with the group, I don’t like cycling anymore” and so on. Thank God Anand said “Its too muggy” so Krishnan was saved the pain of listening to me on the saddle. Mind you, these statements are uttered only on the saddle, the minute I get off, I forget all of them and am ready to ride again.

Anyway we started down the MG road and the group obviously went far ahead, even Rajesh couldn’t keep up with me ! How could anyone when the cycle was slowing down even on a downward slope !! Finally near Hotel Vista, Krishnan and I exchanged cycles and finally turned back at Andheria More. All this while Krishnan was still not convinced that anything was wrong with my bike, just a bit tighter… Till we reached the climb near Kachra Chowk. Oh sweet revenge 🙂 my sweetheart couldn’t overtake me ON A CLIMB, when usually he would wait for me to catch up even on my best days.

Grudgingly Krishnan admitted that there was something wrong with the bike ! I rest my case.

Ha ha – nice start to the day.

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