Randomness won…

I love the rains – the more the better. I was born in a rain storm, so guess the connection is deep. I always want to get drenched and splash in the puddles. Whenever we have moved to a new house or a new city, it has always rained. It’s like a good luck charm for Krishnan and I.

25 years back, I was sitting at home in Air Force Academy, Dindugal and studying hard for my 12th exams. It was raining heavily and I couldnt go out 🙁 I made a promise then …..

I had taken the day off today so I could study some more for my Term 1 at ISB and as luck would have it, it rained. The promise I had made so many years back was never to let go of an opportunity to play in the rains. Last year during the rains, I left office in the middle of the day to pick up Krishnan and go out for a drive when it was raining heavily. We go out for a rain ride on the cycle everytime. Infact my mother started calling us “paagal yatri” after she saw us chasing the rains and getting all wet and dirty !!

But today for the sake of Term 1 at ISB I was cooped up in the room, with just the curtains pulled aside and didnt go out to play in the rains. Well, that promise to myself was broken today.

Hmmm am not breaking the promise anymore. ISB has to happen around the playing in the rains – can’t give up on that. And what did I learn ?

Plans based on average conditions are wrong on average, says Sam Savage and then I understood the triumph of randomness – yeah randomness won randomly yesterday :):):)

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