How we believe clever advertising ..

Today, I was out for a walk at the nearby park in the morning. I went at 7 and for 45 minutes it was the regular group of walkers, runners and badminton players. At 7.45 there was suddenly a small stall setup and four guys wearing bright yellow T.shirts and holding up a placard, took positions at the four corners of the park. It was a campaign for a new brand of sunflower oil, one that promised to lower bad cholesterol.

And they had a weighing machine, plus a height measurement scale.. So basically, fool the customer that his or her out of whack BMI will kill him/her, unless they ate things made with this particular oil and puff, bad cholesterol gone, and you are healthy. Wish life was that simple and being healthy so easy. :):). Anything fried is bad for health ..however healthy the cooking oil is. Why use any oil at all ? There was this funny advert for another oil that said, the human body needs four spoons of oil everyday otherwise our joints will breakdown, just like mechanical parts breakdown without lubrication. So many of us get fooled by this clever advertising.

Yes we need oil, but naturally occurring oils that we get from nuts and coconut. A teaspoon of oil is extracted from many grams of peanut. Our grandmothers used oil sparingly because it wasn’t available easily and mostly was cold pressed. Also there was a large family to feed and a lot more physical labor that people did. Today we just open a pack and eat it all in one sitting – however healthy the cooking oil, anything fried will bring ill health. Children coming back from school usually are seen with a pack of Lays chips, or Kurkure. Restaurant food is usually swimming in oil.

Don’t get taken in by clever marketing and advertising. Your health is your biggest wealth, ensure you eat natural food in its natural state, stay away from packaged and fried food because it’s difficult to exercise moderation and most importantly get off the chair, bed, couch and walk. Just easy things to do to stay healthy :):)

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