Holding Stars Accountable..

For the past 20 years or so, TV advertisement has become a major channel to convince consumers to buy products. These products are endorsed by the reigning stars of the day from Aamir Khan to Shah Rukh Khan to Akshay Kumar and the cricketing Gods are not far behind. Whether it’s Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar or MS Dhoni – all of them have earned and continue to earn well through brand endorsements. Female stars like Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and Alia Bhat are not far behind when it comes to endorsing products.

I have always wondered – does Shah Rukh Khan drink Pepsi everyday ? Will a Virat Kohli snack on “Too Yumm” throughout the day as he endorses the product ? Is “Mr. Perfectionist” Aamir Khan drinking Thanda Matlab Coca Cola to quench his thirst ?

Stars advertisements
Stars Advertisement

Health Benefits of Colas ?

Colas and health are oxymorons !! I have an ex-colleague who drinks Dr. Peppers (a US brand of an aerated drink) instead of water and he looked like he was 60 years old when he was 35 :(:(. He had to spend a lot of dollars to get his teeth fixed and being an American, white teeth is almost a religion 😳. If Aamir Khan endorses Coca Cola and encourages you to reach for a Coke when you feel thirsty, he should be doing it as well. If he doesn’t quench his thirst with a coke, then he shouldn’t endorse it.

Same goes for a Shah Rukh Khan endorsing Pepsi. The biggest damage to health all over the world has been done by these two cola majors – Coke and Pepsi. Whatever they claim, this is a sugar loaded carbonated water that cannot bring you any health benefits. The obesity pandemic has these two colas to thank. They are good toilet cleaners but don’t get advertised as such. You can use them instead of Harpic. 🤬

Who will hold Aamir and Shah Rukh accountable ?

Anti-perspirants – Health Hazard

My parents or grandparents never used deodorants and they never gave off a bad odour … wonder why. Louise Hay says body odour signifies a deep dislike for oneself. So go figure ! The French created perfume in the modern world to hide body odour because they wouldn’t take bath daily. We Indians take bath every single day and several of us take bath twice. Ok dear American readers, when I say “bath” I mean “shower”.

I can understand the use of deodorants as many of us may not be able to take a shower frequently and dusting powders help only to a certain extent in the Indian summers. But anti-perspirants are a health hazard ! Many of the deodorants are anti-perspirants but the word “anti-perspirant” is in the fine print.

Stars Advertisement
Stars Deodorant

The well known deodorant brand Nivea has “anti-perspirant” written at the back of the pack and in fine print. Most of us end up buying it thinking it’s just a deodorant. Do read this article – If Exposure to aluminium in antiperspirants presents health risks its content should be reduced.

Stars Advertisements Deodorants

We have John Abraham climbing mountains and saying he will hike, cycle and exercise but sweating was a “no no”. He uses Garnier’s anti-perspirant …. does he use an anti-perspirant in real life ? Sweating is a natural process and sweat glands regulate our body temperature. Shutting them off is plain stupid. But who cares ? A young kid wants to look like John Abraham and he will keep using the same brand of anti-perspirant as his hero.

There is a low cost wholly Indian option called “Javadhu”. It’s a powder. Use a pinch in your armpits and stay fresh for the whole day with no health hazard.

Stars and Accountability

In a better world, stars will be held accountable for their endorsements. “Boost” is not M S Dhoni’s secret energy drink. Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan don’t drink Coca Cola and Pepsi instead of water, Aishwarya Rai doesn’t bathe with Lux …. yet they rake in the millions with no accountability.

The only Star sportsman to refuse endorsing a cola is Pullela Gopichand and that’s why he is a true legend. Most of the stars just don’t care so long as the cash registers are ringing continuously.

No one advertises about eating fruits or vegetables… why ? They are truly full of nutrients that will improve your health. Hema Malini endorses Kent’s vegetable cleaning liquid but doesn’t advertise for vegetables. Governments all over need to think about the world of endorsements.

Make the Stars accountable ……. till then, consumers need to become aware or suffer the consequences.


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