Going for a Ride ?

Just as I was completing my morning walk, I found these two kittens sitting on this scooter …. almost as if they were going for a ride ! I thought of posting it immediately and then realised this is how the Facebook generation lives their life and stopped myself.

I have no problem with sharing things as they happen, but that provides very little time to reflect and think about what happened. Anyone with a phone is a journalist or influencer today. There was a time when news was “gathered”, sorted and then shared with the larger public. Having a phone doesn’t give you the right to film every moment and share it with the whole wide world.

Going for a ride - Kittens

Am no photographer and it took me a long long time to understand that I just need a few pics to remember the experience. Even then, my phone keeps running out of space because there are so many screenshots of twitter feeds or LinkedIn posts etc that I want to go back to at some time, just don’t know when.

I love blogging and I love the fact that it offers me the space to think and post something. It brings me views of other citizens of the world and there is a sensible exchange of views. Just can’t bring myself to watch news or the constant headlines that Twitter puts out every single minute. Twitter for me is the place where I get to learn a few new things every day, but don’t want to spend all my time there.

Social media is so addictive because there is something getting posted every second. And man is voyeuristic … it feels good to see what’s happening in someone else’s life !

Krishnan and I just “speed” watched this movie called Line of Duty. Speed watching is me pushing the FF key often and watching a 105 minute movie in about 45 minutes. Totally crazy stuff, but at least there was a story line. It shows how the internet and “live” feeds have taken over our lives. Everything is first captured on the phone, even accidents, before someone thinks of helping another human being 🙄.

For a change watching these kittens sitting on top of the scooter was a throwback moment to more saner times when things moved at a slower pace.

Enjoy the picture and do go for a ride rather than staring into a screen, except for reading my post :):).

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