For the pseudo – secular, religious, political …. 

Of all the living Mystics, gurus, Godmen and Godwomen, the only person I find interesting is Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. He has the same quality that Osho does, he makes you feel liberated… Without a do’s and don’ts list. The way he lives is also interesting and fun, and unlike the sad, serious and silly lives that others of his purported ilk live. Anyway, yesterday Barkha Dutt made the mistake of inviting him for her program “We the people”. I say mistake, because in these 45 minutes Sadhguru managed to answer the questions that many Indians have and also managed to answer the “fanatics”, the pseudo secular, the “India” haters… Just what Barkha may not have bargained for. 

I wish this interview is played out almost everyday and especially on prime time because we need a change in the social discourse in our country and the world. Two of Sadhguru’s answers stood out that God is an imported concept, in India the premium was on liberation, “mukti” and why we must not eat Beef. Infact I loved all his answers… That Hindu is a geographical concept and not a religion, that our ancestors spoke of the unity between living creatures, just the difference in complexity, GPS – Guru positioning system.. And why we need gurus as we explore the unknown. There is huge substance in this man !!

Here is the link to the episode We the people – Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and Barkha Dutt. Do watch it and hopefully there will be a transcript soon that can be read. 

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