For the KVHV girls !

I was cleaning up a shelf today and came upon this old diary from 1983… I had a penchant for diaries and would eagerly await the New Year because dad would get gifted a number of diaries and except for one that he would use, the rest would come to me. I used the diaries for writing my poems and every year I tried to “keep a diary” but never succeeded. 🙂

Today the diary I found had lyrics of film songs carefully jotted !! I was remembering the time when Geetu, Anu, Nishi, Seema and I would search for lyric books of popular Hindi film songs and note them down. We would memorize the songs and also note down the lyrics as we hummed them. Today it’s a challenge to hear the lyrics clearly, but internet and Google come the rescue with lyrics for any song being thrown up in seconds. The whole charm of noting lyrics is gone..

Here’s a couple of pages from the 1983 diary with lyrics of some popular songs written down by me. Geetu, I still can’t do a better handwriting than yours :):)



Geetu, couldn’t find “जलते है जिसके लिए”… And Anu I do have your favorite “जानेमन जानेमन तेरे दो नयन” in your handwriting in a different diary. Hopefully I will find it. Also the other diary has a few song lyrics in Geetu’s awesome handwriting.

Memories :):):):)

2 thoughts on “For the KVHV girls !”

  1. Oh my god – I used to have a lovely notebook where I used to write down song lyrics – we had a vcr and I used to keep pausing, rewinding repeatedly to make sure I got the lyrics – pehle rough mein and then transfer in pretty writing to my notebook – dying art Bindu – my son will never know the patience needed to do this!

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