Floppy Disks – Remember Them ?

When I was clearing out Mom’s place in Hyderabad in 2015, I found some of the floppy disks that we used in our computer centre between 1993-96. Don’t think many children born after 2000 would have even seen these things !

DSDD – Double Sided Double Density. Amkette made these and it was a prized possession. The floppy disk in the picture below contained the famous Microsoft DOS – Disk Operating System, the boot disk for a 286 or 386 desktop.

After these 51/4″ floppy disks came the 3.5″ ones and that was a huge leap for many of us because they had 1.44 MB space. Today there are individual files that are 1.44 MB and can be transferred over email…. I just searched on google and guess what – these floppy disks are still in use in the US apparently :). Amkette made floppy disks till 2013 according to this article – https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/info-tech/Technology-change-drives-Amkette-to-eject-the-floppy-finally/article20576258.ece

Pinsel, made these floppy disk holders and I guess they have also migrated onto other businesses.

Well, as this caption says … we let several Pro’s take over this world of Floppy disks.

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