Dosas Under a Deluge

It was pouring cats, dogs and a few other animals as we woke up today. We thought its good if it rains heavily as the humidity and heat is becoming unbearable. I was planning on making a roti sandwich with leftover rotis for Krishnan and I, while Amma decided to eat Dosas for breakfast. Amma doesn’t like rotis or bread. We ended up having dosas under a deluge of rain water :).

We had coffee, ate some fruit and around 8.45 am Amma and I went to the kitchen to start making breakfast. Suddenly we noticed water pouring down under the stove and the platform ! We quickly brought out buckets and a few towels to soak up the water but it was a deluge.

Before doing anything else, we quickly disconnected all the appliances and moved them to the dining table. We had to bring out old quilted pillow covers that soaked up more water. With the three of us taking turns in pouring out the water that we had squeezed out and constantly mopping up the pouring water, it took us nearly 45 minutes to bring things under control.

Amma Dosas
Amma standing with all the towels around to mop up the water :):)

I abandoned the idea of making the roti sandwich and Amma made dosas for everyone as we were really hungry.

I am wondering about the design of our condominiums…. The windows have no overhead ledge so that rainwater doesn’t seep through. Amma’s bedroom window and our kitchen window are both set in the wall facing the elements. Luckily in our bedroom, the window has some protection because of the building’s outer design. Whenever there are rains with some wind blowing, water seeps in through these two windows.

We had water entering the lift area in two blocks and also the DG room. Either the drainage system is not designed correctly or its not cleaned regularly or the rains were torrential.

deluge - rains
View of the ground below our tower. The garbage collector is pushing his cart through the water !

Things became better by lunch time, but we still didn’t connect any of the appliances. Just used the gas stove. We need to change the windows and ensure this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.

Love the deluge, but not in the kitchen 🙂

Gurgaon Rain: Heavy rain causes waterlogging

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  1. Same result here. But the rain was not pouring cats and dogs, it was continuously pouring for a week only without any respite.


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