Daily Gratitude

Today I would like to express my gratitude to the cell phone makers for having integrated amazing cameras with the phone.

Earlier when we travelled anywhere, I would carry a couple of cameras and a video camera as well. During the Egypt trip in 2004, I took pictures with two different cameras and videos at every historical site :):). Haven’t seen those videos ever since. I guess I had high hopes of becoming a great photographer.

With the phone cameras becoming as good as a regular camera, I am using the phone to take photographs, rather than a camera. In a flash of enlightenment (pun intended), I realised that I didn’t really want to be a great photographer. I am just interested in a few photographs to remember the visit to some historical or interesting site!! The phone camera is sufficient for that since every historical site or tourist attraction has been photographed by millions of people. I could just download the picture that I wanted after giving due credit to the website and the photographer.

For my blog posts the photographs taken by a phone camera are quite good and serve the purpose of capturing interesting moments. I expect point-and-shoot cameras to soon disappear totally. Just the high end digital cameras will remain for the professionals. Infact a professional photographer recently told me that he is using the phone camera more than his high end camera.

A huge thank you to the cell phone manufacturers for making our lives easier by integrating cameras on the phone.

Gratitude Is The Right Attitude

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