Daily Gratitude

Today am grateful to Swapna for introducing Vyoma Labs to us.

When I was discussing with Swapna about wanting to learn Sanskrit, she mentioned Vyoma Labs who have a great online repository of Sanskrit lessons. I didn’t work on that information for almost a year but in April this year, I registered for an interesting course that they launched, a discourse on “Adityahridayam”. My paternal grandmother would recite the Adityahridayam regularly and I have recited it a few times. I ¬†memorised a few of the shlokas.

Attending the discourse on Adityahridayam was wonderful and Krishnan and I learnt a lot. The Indian vedic knowledge is unparalleled and so amazingly structured. I feel a huge affinity to Sanskrit. It was my 3rd language in school and I am sure I will learn to speak the language soon because I connect with the words very easily.

Today we attended the 3rd discourse on “Foundations of the Sanatana Dharma” and it was again an enlightening session. For 800 years we have forgotten the vast knowledge that our Rishis and our forefathers have gifted to us – its not the rituals, the dress or the external symbols of spirituality/religion, but its truly the knowledge of how to lead our lives. Its important that we understand it and pass it on to future generations. Just a small nugget from today’s discourse …. what we casually dismiss as a “yagna” or more loosely as a “havan” had principles of mathematics involved in creating the Agnihotra-vihara or the “havan kund” ! There are treatises on every subject known to mankind.

Delving into this ocean of knowledge, one drop at a time :).

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