Congratulations TASMAC !

A few weeks back I had saved this tweet. It says TASMAC (Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation) is the second largest retailer in India, with 7000+ stores ….


TASMAC is a company owned by the Government of Tamil Nadu. It has a monopoly on selling liquor in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Elections and TASMAC

People in Tamil Nadu voted as expected !! The so-called bright minds of Tamilians develops a brain fog during election time. To vote a party like DMK that abuses your Gods, vilifies Goddesses, promotes religious incentivised conversion, encourages secession from India and is a family enterprise of Late Karunanidhi speaks volumes ! or should I say “quarters” 🙄.

BJP didn’t stand a chance in Tamil Nadu but it was sad to see a candidate like Annamalai lose. But well, in him there is a future Chief Minister and that gives hope.

Nothing but Karma theory can explain DMK’s victory. With a leader named Stalin who doesn’t understand his own utterances, what governance can we expect ? The DMK ensured that Navodaya schools never flourished in TN. They kept fueling the anti-Hindi sentiment while Stalin’s children got educated in a CBSE school and learnt to speak in Hindi !!

How can someone name their child as Stalin? That guy was a mass murderer at a bigger scale than even Hitler. The TN Stalin has a colourful past, a dubious middle life and now he finds himself in the CM’s chair with neither his father’s oratory skills nor his cunningness to survive in the political jungle. The only competitor for Stalin’s IQ is our National joke RaGa.

TASMAC Sales in two days 🙁


For those who cant read Tamil, the above tweet says in just two days, TASMAC sold 854 crores worth of liquor ! Congratulations Govt of TN. Can’t think of any other state where the government itself is promoting alcohol.

Gone are the days when TN had “Kudineer thittam” (Drinking water schemes). Now we have “Kudi thittam” (Alcohol schemes). There are targets for TASMAC and they seem to be achieving them without fail.

Welcome to TN – TASMAC Nadu 👏👏. We have 7000 stores to help you get drunk. Instead of filter coffee, we now serve pure unadulterated alcohol…..

Feeling really sad. Not because AIADMK lost but because TamilNadu is lost in alcohol. Both DMK and AIADMK are equally to blame for this situation.

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