Coffee from Bolaven Plateau – Laos

While rummaging through the grocery drawer, I found a few packets of this Arabica coffee powder that the hotel in Luang Prabang, Laos had gifted us. For some reason, I had not opened them at all. Just seeing them brought back all the memories of the nice vacation in Laos in 2016. Do read about it here – Lush Green, Landlocked, Languid Laos.

I added this tiny packet of coffee powder to my regular coffee and made the decoction. I use Robusta beans for my coffee powder, and even though the aroma was intact, it didn’t come through because the quantity was small.

This tiny pack reminded us of the awesome vegetable Biryani that Mr. Deen made for us at Nong Khiaw. My mouth waters every time I think of that Biryani. Fascinatingly, all the owners of Indian restaurants across Laos come from Karaikal, near Pondicherry and they are all related. The Laos trip was a mix of getting some things right and some things not so right, but the country is beautiful and the people are truly nice. Its the most bombed country in the world and many people still get maimed or killed due to the unexploded ordinance left behind by America during the Vietnam war. As you travel, you realise that mankind is rather cruel and developed countries have left behind a trail of devastation in under-developed and developing countries. Sad but true !

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