Chennai walks – Baby Snake

For the past few days, Amma and I have stopped getting into the ill-kept park and use the wide roads that criss cross all over Kamakoti Nagar for our morning walk. It gives us a longer walking path and also fewer people jostling in a small space. Since we use the inner roads there isn’t much traffic as well.

During yesterday’s walk we came across a tiny water snake …. which had probably been caught under a scooter’s tyre or some other light vehicle had gone over it. It was obviously dead but such a pretty looking snake!  It was sad to see that this baby snake had almost crossed the entire road and then got run over. If it had just wriggled another 10 cms – it would have been in the safety of the water/grass.

Another snake lost its life last week when it wandered into the opposite neighbour’s house :(. We, the city dwellers are so uncomfortable with snakes that the first thing we do is panic and then kill the beautiful creature. Well, someday children will grow up not knowing that snakes are not always harmful and that they can even be pets. That will be the loss.

Till then we will find these on some days and pray that no scooter tyre finds them and no human being who is scared of them finds them. Guess that prayer is for the Earth that we human beings are plundering with no thought about tomorrow. 🙁


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