Booked and Delivered on the same day !

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Our gas cylinder gave out today early in the morning after 4.5 months … and we are in a lockdown. Amma was a little concerned that under the circumstances the refill may take a few days. She forgot that we live in a MODIfied India :).

We booked the refill at 7.24 am on the Indane App and got an ETA of one day. By 10.55 am, just 3.5 hours after we had booked the refill, it was delivered to us. The delivery man had a mask on, he didn’t come inside the house, left the cylinder just outside the door after I had moved a couple of feet back into the house, asked me to use a disinfectant/soap to clean the cylinder’s handle as he had touched it and took our tip from a distance !! Yes, I am impressed and very proud of my country’s current Government.

The awareness about social distancing seems to have reached millions of people. I will keep complaining about the few who have flouted the lockdown because they have put others at risk. Both are facts and have to be accepted as just that.


So Indians, “no panic” as the Trivago advert says – Gas cylinder refills are available and there is no shortage. Please don’t hoard them. Also give a silent thanks to the “Ujjwala” yojana that has ensured clean cooking fuel reaches the poorest of the poor …staggering numbers 8 crore+.


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