Be brief !

Very often when a new leader joins an organization or takes over a new role within the organization, there is a page long email that is circulated about the various achievements that the leader has had. Sometimes when the new leader sends out an all-colleague, all-member email spelling out exactly what they intend to do … that email runs into a few pages !!

Think brief, think Twitter, think headline, think 1-2-3 things that you have done or are planning to do and save the novel for your bedside reading. No one wants to know what you have managed to achieve so far, BUT they are very keen to know how you will positively impact their lives as their new leader. You cannot do 25 things in one year, and you are not a politician. Even a politician has gotten smarter, the speeches are short, the agenda a little more clearer, except TamilNadu of course :).

Even when I was a front line manager, I have told the team that if they wrote more than four lines, I won’t read. Learn to be brief. If its urgent, call, don’t email, if its merely FYI, do it with that on the subject line and I will get to it incase I need to.

Btw, if you have time to read or proof read a long email, who is leading ?? 🙂

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