Atlast, a spongy sponge cake !

I have been experimenting with baking an eggless sponge cake for some time now. Very interesting experiments because I changed the ingredients every time and ended up with “gooey-in-the-middle” to “almost-charred-top” cakes. Some personal challenges with baking – no patience, inability to follow instructions and an assumption that I can wing it. :):)

I even innovated – we would eat the crusty, nicely browned top and then I would back the cake for a few more minutes and repeat the process all over again. Please do appreciate the fact that I don’t use all purpose flour, sugar and eggs. Google came up with several egg substitutes like Flax eggs, Vinegar+baking Powder, mashed bananas, etc. None of them resulted in a proper sponge cake.

Do applaud me for not giving up :). A few days back, I found this eggless sponge cake recipe on and decided to follow it without innovating.

The ingredients are as follows – All Purpose flour (1.5 Cups), I substituted with whole wheat flour. Curd (1 Cup), Sugar 3/4 Cup (Substituted Jaggery), Baking Powder – 1 TSP, Baking Soda – 1/2 TSP, Odorless oil – 1/2 Cup (I used Coconut Oil), Vanilla essence – I don’t have any essence in my pantry, so I used a pinch of Cinnamon.

Some learnings –

  • I mixed the curd and jaggery and left it outside for nearly 30 minutes before adding the baking powder and baking soda. The curd came out of the fridge and cold ingredients don’t work well while baking.
  • The curd mix was really thick, so I added two tablespoons of water to the final mix.
  • Coconut oil has a distinctive smell but on baking, there is no smell of coconut. Just a faint trace if at all.
  • After pouring the cake batter into the baking container, I tapped it on the kitchen counter a few times for the bubbles to get released and the batter to even out.
  • I used a regular steel round box and greased it well with ghee. No special pan was required as I used the Havells Air Oven.

For the first time I got a spongy sponge cake ! Good start to the month of Oct :).

Sponge Cake
Clockwise – the cake batter in the steel pan, after 34 minutes of baking, the cake came out clean without sticking to the bottom, finally a spongy slice !!

4 thoughts on “Atlast, a spongy sponge cake !”

  1. It’s looks really yummy.
    I just bought air oven and going to use it first time.can you please tell me on what temperature I should bake?
    Can I use normal Aluminium cake tin?

    • Hi Swati. You can use the aluminium cake tin. Actually you can use anything that you use in a regular Oven in this air oven. The temperature varies for each oven so go by the recipe and trial and error. The one suggestion I will have is to do all your baking after pre-heating and use the second slot for inserting the tray, not the uppermost slot. I love the Air oven and I am sure you will too. Enjoy :).


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