Apple – the fruit

Yesterday mom juiced the last batch of apples that we got from Kullu, Manali. And we miss them already :):) there is a story associated with the Kullu apples. One of my Periyamma’s (my mother’s elder sister) was posted in Kullu as her husband was in the army. When I was 9 or 10 she sent a whole basket of apples from the apple tree in her house all the way to Dehu Road. She thought a little girl would like the amazing apples :):)

Well I didn’t eat a single apple then, because I loved everything spicy. Finally after 36 years we went to Manali and on the way back stopped at a local market about 35 kms from Manali. At first we couldn’t understand who to buy from, because trucks after trucks were unloading apples in cartons, baskets etc. Finally we asked one of the vendors and he pointed to a store in the front. Apparently there is an auction that happens at this market and some stores sell some stuff.

We ended up buying enough apples and I don’t think we will eat other apples again :). I love all fruits, but the apple experience has somehow been spoilt with imported varieties and news of wax polished apples. While the “Apple” experience has always been awesome, the apple fruit experience has never been right till this trip to Manali. There is something about getting a fruit right off the tree that no amount of packaging can match up to.

For the past six years, we have been using an Apple everyday, but with Kullu apples, am happy to eat an apple a day !! 🙂

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