Air hostesses or hostesses full of airs?

I have been wanting to write this blog for quite sometime but just got the time. 

We have a house in Pallikaranai, Chennai. We have ground and first floors, and the first floor was given on rent for sometime over the last few years. For about six months of the last year, we had air hostesses of Jet Airways stay as tenants in the first floor. Although the agreement was for just four to five of them to stay, we heard from neighbours that during weekends there were more than ten people staying at our place. Booz sessions, late night parties, loud music….went on at the place regularly. The rental amounts were deposited very late for most of these six months, and after several reminders and follow ups. Finally I asked the care taker of my house to get them vacated. They did.

Last month, we were caught in the Chennai floods in the ground floor and hence had to move to the first floor at the middle of the night on 1st December. I then noticed the condition in which the air hostesses had left the first floor. Whatever I write about the condition, the select photographs will tell the story better. Understand from the caretaker that despite several requests and warnings to mend their ways, they chose not to. They told the caretaker that they can always get another place to rent out, which they did when asked to vacate. They have just moved to a house across from ours and they have continued to do what they did here, and yes, they have been asked to vacate from there too. The owner of that house has to spend nearly ₹200,000 or more to fix the damage they have inflicted. We seem lucky in comparison !

If this is the way these young boys and girls behave with no concern whatsoever for others, what would they do for their passengers ?  I remember the case of one of our very dear friends who recently lost her gold chain in a Jet Airways flight, and no one even cared to help her or even listen to her case. On air and ground. How do airlines recruit such people who do not have even basic civic sense, responsibility and social grace ? Is it worth trusting our lives with such people by taking these flights? I am almost sure that these kind of boys and girls with such terrible attitude will not do anything of value either for us the passengers, or the airlines that pays their salaries. 

What would be their contribution to their parents, families, communities and of course to their nation? They are an added burden until they mend their ways…


How did they manage to remove the plug ? and whatever for ? 

The sofas were a beautiful sunny yellow … And the kind of stains and marks that were left on them are unfathomable. Did they eat and puke on them ? 


This is the brand new refrigerator … It took us two hours and a toothbrush to clean the stains :(.

How do you turn the arm-rests from yellow to black ? Some skill these young girls had. 

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    • Vish, thanks for your comments. But there were also good souls who gave me a place to stay when I was a bachelor, and had worked with Cipla and Lipton. And I took good care of the place.


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