A turbulent life ends in an instant …

He faced crisis after crisis with great fortitude, lost a lot, learnt a lot, laughed and cried a lot … But when his time was up, he left in an instant. RIP KRS, what a life you led and it’s a well earned rest. Meena will cope up, she was your strength and now she has your spirit with her. 

Krishnan knew KRS and Meena from the time he did his MILT leadership course in 1987 so nearly 30 years now. I have known them since the day Krishnan and I got married in 1990. We met frequently as long as we were in Chennai, discussed several issues and KRS and I disagreed on several which led to healthy debates. We met during the monthly Alumni meetings and conventions. In fact, in the first ever convention of MILT that I attended, “Sangam” KRS presented a technical paper on having no fear and I had a question for him saying, we do need some fear so that we don’t end up doing something foolhardy. Fear that paralyses is bad but some fear is always helpful to stay alert. We debated and finally Aporesh simply said, I won’t get it since I wasn’t a Miltonian and I told him to stop recruiting me into the program :):). 

Life took a series of turns for KRS and Meena and finally things improved .. Huge difficulties that both of them faced with a lot of patience and fortitude. A couple of years back, the proverbial last straw on the camel’s back was KRS being detected with Alzheimer’s and the once vivacious, full of life KRS almost receded into a shell. 

This time when we came to Chennai in Novemeber, we had meeting KRS and Meena on our agenda and as a priority. We did manage to meet them and KRS apparently remembered Krishnan after we had left from their place. We were talking amongst ourselves a couple of days back that we should go back and visit Meena and KRS during our morning cycle rides … But well, that wasn’t meant to be. KRS passed away last evening, literally in an instant. Meena and he had gone out for some work, they got back, had some coffee and Meena just went to get hot water ready and KRS bid adieu to life. Guess God in his infinite wisdom decided to make KRS’ exit easy for him after such a turbulent life. 

Meena, we can’t imagine what’s going on in your mind… You have been by KRS’ side and were his silent strength as he faced the world. As we told you today morning, we are only given those challenges that we can deal with and at a time that is right. May God give you the strength to bear this. 

Goodbye KRS. May your soul find peace. RIP. 

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